The number one platform for movers to generate new business via their international review profile.

IMR is the first platform that empowers moving companies to control their own narrative again with reviews whilst also generating leads for new business.

Increase online visability

By registering your company you make sure that everyone is able to find your company when they are looking to move or partner. 

Attract more customers

New customers that find your company profile will be able to request a quote, exclusively from you. 

Build trust in your company

Gather reviews to prove your excellence and show your reviews to the world via our intergrated widgets and links. 

How we grow your business

Customers will be able to find your company online when they are looking for a mover. You will be able to manage your profile to ensure the maximum chance of generating new business.

Search for movers (small)

Customers searching for movers

When a customer is searching for a mover online they will find the IMR platform. When they have found the platfiorm they will be able to either look for a mover directly, or navigate to a country or city page. 

  • IMR has strong findability online

  • Customers search for cities or countries

  • Your company will shown on the pages

  • Quick and easy search system for customer

Overview of optional movers

When customers navigate to a country or city page they will get a full overview of all movers available in these areas. They will also be able to filter on specific services or other information to enable them to find you when they are looking for a mover.

  • Visable in your specific area

  • Filter on specific services/information

  • Buttons to view company or request quote

  • Review score overview of companies

Compare movers (small)1
Compare movers (small)

Information, reviews and quote

When customers navigate to your specific page they will be able to view all your information about specific services and certifications/associations. Furthermore, they will be able to read about other customers experiences and request a quote, exclusively from you. 

  • Show important info about your company

  • Highlight associations/certifications

  • Button to request exclusive quote

  • Overview of customer experiences

More than just reviews.

 Unlimited free, exclusive, moving leads

 Editable profile to highlight your service

 Global visability for customers and future partners

 Additional form to gather customer feedback

  Respond, add, promote or object to reviews


Registering your company

All countries in the world are represented on the platform. Be sure to register in the country where your company is active so customers will be able to find your business. Registering is quick and easy.

1. Register your company

Activate your company profile by registering your on the platform.

 2. Add information

Add reviews and other information about your company to the profile.

3. Receive reviews/leads

Invite customers too write reviews and receive free leads,


Movers in more than 100 countries are growing their business with IMR. They are gathering reviews and attracting new business through unlimited leads.


Grow your business by joining movers across the globe.

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